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Convey Realistic Cure Prospects of Ayurveda to doctors and public and caution them of unscientific unethical practices


Help students and young doctors access real life cases and successful methodolgies and infuse confidence in them


Serve as knowledge data bank in multimedia format for clinical experience sharing by and for doctors


Popularise uncommon but very effective practices of Ayurveda and other medical and healing systems

Former President of India DR APJ ABDUL KALAM, Bharat Ratna after hearing the presentation by Dr SP Sreejit & Dr Jayalakshmi G РROLE OF AYURVEDA IN HEALTHCARE OF INDIAN ARMED FORCES

At the core of

‘Every day I often remind myself that my life is dependent & ¬†indebted to the contributions of other individuals , both living and posthomous and that I must constantly work in order to pay back in the same measure to the world I live in my life time and after it’

Dr SP Sreejit MD (Ayu), Medical Officer, Dept of ISM/ Ayush, District of Kottayam. E-mail:

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By clinical welfare measures of 2250 drs of Kerala Ayurveda in all districts by groups | Telegram: Agni: Special Action Group – Internees of 17 Ayurveda colleges | WhatsApp: UNIT 101: NUCLEUS TEAM – Govt service doctors of 14 districts | WhatsApp: Learn Teach Serve Prosper – Internees of 17 Ayurveda colleges

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